Uncategorized Pros and Cons Pros & Cons: Renovating vs Buying a New Home Jan 16, 2019 Is it better to renovate a home or buy a new one? LINDSAY LISTANSKI MAR 18, 2015 Guest Post by Andrea Davis After living in your home for a long time, you might decide it’s time to make a move. But if you […]
Uncategorized Showing Your Home in the Winter Tips for showing your property during rain, snow, and colder weather.   Always make sure there is a clean path to your entry. First impressions are key. Keep a warm inviting home. You want your clients to feel warm and comfortable when they enter from the cold. Having a clean home helps the clients visualize […]
Uncategorized Staging Small Homes Staging Small Homes or Spaces Jan 24, 2019 1.  Remove all clutter, personal knick-knacks, toys, etc. Just stick with the essentials. 2.  Use storage spaces wisely. Make sure they look organized and clean. Show the buyer your home has the needed storage, even though it is a small space. 3.  Let the light in. Open curtains and doors […]
Uncategorized Buying a Home Owning a home is apart of the American Dream. 43% of people find it is essential while 48% find it important in achieving the American Dream.   As far as financial benefits; it is investing in your future. Buying a home increases your net worth just by paying your mortgage. After 30 years of mortgage payments have paid […]
Uncategorized Selling Your Home in the Fall Selling your home in the fall can be a bit more work but just doing a few maintenance jobs and general upkeep, you will be prepared for fall and winter months to follow. Keeping up with the leaves and maintaining your yard is a great start. This also gives great curb appeal for any potential […]
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