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Staging Small Homes

Staging Small Homes or Spaces

Jan 24, 2019

1.  Remove all clutter, personal knick-knacks, toys, etc. Just stick with the essentials.

2.  Use storage spaces wisely. Make sure they look organized and clean. Show the buyer your home has the needed storage, even though it is a small space.

3.  Let the light in. Open curtains and doors let the light in. This gives the home a warm and welcoming feel. Try putting a mirror opposite of a window to draw more light into the room.

4.  Furniture should be light and not over fill the room. Keep the walk ways clear and easy to maneuver. Pull furniture away from the wall to create the illusion of spaciousness. Use dual functional furniture like an ottoman that has storage.

5.  Kitchen should have only one to three things on the counter. Show as much counter space as possible. A small island on wheels gives you the feel of maneuverability and adds extra work space.

6.  Outdoor living spaces can make the home feel bigger. Have nice furniture pieces for outside. Potted plants and color are a great way to bring appeal to your home.