Uncategorized December 26, 2022

Showing Your Home in the Winter

Tips for showing your property during rain, snow, and colder weather.


  1. Always make sure there is a clean path to your entry. First impressions are key.
  2. Keep a warm inviting home. You want your clients to feel warm and comfortable when they enter from the cold.
  3. Having a clean home helps the clients visualize their stuff moving in. Clean ceiling fans, dust, vacuum, clear out cobwebs, bleach dingy grout, make sinks shine, clean out trash and recycling.
  4. Have a timed crock pot with some soup or cider warming up when they arrive. You can have it set for 30 minutes before they arrive. This will make them want to stay longer and get more comfortable with their surroundings. The smell is the first thing a buyer notices coming into a home.
  5. Open blinds, curtains, window coverings and turn on lights to make your home bright.
  6. Schedule a HVAC appointment; show the findings and repairs if any.
  7. Declutter the Holiday decorations and keep it simple but elegant. Don’t leave them up after the holidays.
  8. Now is a good time to style your home. Make sure the bathrooms feel like a spa; hang plush robes, keep nice soaps and lotions out. Throw pretty Afghans across the arm of the sofa with cups of cocoa or champagne to set a nice comfortable mood in the living room. Make bedrooms open, inviting, and relaxing.